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finding the road to a job very dificult

Are there any companies that are willing, and opened to hiring a disabled person? Whenever I go on interviews and they see that I'm blind all I get are no's.

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ideas about how to support yourself

Have you ever thought of working for yourself. You know what you do well. You have the courage to do what you know how to do whether those interviewing you know it or not. Can you work as a private contractor and do those things as a small business? You have the perseverance necessary to succeed. A small business may be a path to success which avoids all that struggle. This idea may or may not work for you at this time in life. At some other point, you may find you can take your skills and sell them yourself avoiding the middleman of an employer. Good luck to you whatever you do. Lots of blind folks do work for government and corporations. More of us are beginning to explore starting small businesses and are discovering other blind folks who have succeeded at it. Some of us tell our stories on Career Connect. That section of the AFB website has other resources on it which you may like.

Re:finding the road to a job very dificult

Hadley School for the Blind is about to launch a free course on self employment with minimal investment, like $5,000 or less. and it launches in January sometime.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:finding the road to a job very dificult

This is very true only many agencies fail to recognize the general job market is unyeilding to visually impaired adults. Somehow they seem to think we do not need resources for basic living and other matters.

I know of some companies that are open to direct application however I refuse to publish here for AFB to get credit when all they do is pass bad advice most of the time or tell you to go to places like hadley, or state agencies. This is public information and they cannot make employers yeild in hiring or consideration.

you can email me directly if you like.

Re: finding the road to a job very dificult

I used to work for Marriott a few years ago. They are open to hiring vrisually impaired employees. I loved working at their call center.

Re: finding the road to a job very dificult

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