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Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss


Welcome to My AFB! Here are some of the great features that you can access by joining our extensive network of friends, family, and professionals.

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Change Colors & More

You can change the colors on our site, increase the text size, and even change the font to something you find more readable. Screen reader users can move repetitive links out of their way, by pushing the navigation bar to the bottom of the page. Visit the Change Colors & More page to set your personal preferences.


Seniors, parents, spouses, children, students, teachers, and job-seekers - AFB has the information that fits your specific needs. Sign up now for the newsletter or newsletters that target your specific areas of interest and concerns or manage your subscription from here.Support AFB

As baby boomers mature and encounter the vision problems typically associated with aging, the number of severely visually impaired older people is expected to double - to nearly 10 million - by the year 2030. Your gift today will help AFB meet these growing challenges. Make an online donation now.

Visit AFB's ePublications Store

Access journal articles and e-books by chapter or article, or in the publication's entirety by visiting AFB's ePublications store. Once purchased, the material becomes available online to the buyer for one year and can be accessed at any time to read, print, or download by visiting your own personal bookshelf.

Message Boards

Your direct connection to your extended network of friends! Whether you are a senior experiencing vision loss for the first time and want to chat with someone who has had similar experiences, or you are the parent of a child looking for advice and an electronic hug, the message boards are here to serve you. You can participate in discussions already in progress, or start a topic of your own. Visit the AFB message boards today!

Manage Your Profile

From here, you can change your user name, password, e-mail address, and other personal information. Update your profile.

AFB Blog

Carl R. Augusto, AFB's President and CEO, who just happens to be blind, created the AFB Blog in hopes to communicate his knowledge and experience about living with vision loss. Carl welcomes comments from the community and enjoys keeping you abreast of current issues in the news.

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Help us expand our resources for people with vision loss.