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GPS (Software)

This category lists GPS (global positioning system) software that enable those who are blind or visually impaired to navigate to a desired street address or destination. Unlike GPS hardware, these software packages will generally run on a variety of devices rather than on a single device. Depending on the software, directions may be provided through speech, text, or braille. Additional features may include information on points of interest, altitude, speed, and exact GPS coordinates.

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There are 3 Products in the Category

Product Table

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
BrailleNote GPSGPS system that runs on the BrailleNote and VoiceNote person... Order BrailleNote GPS from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Mobile GeoGPS program that runs on a Windows mobile cell phone platfor...
Wayfinder AccessGPS software used with a cell phone and a GPS receiver. Inte...

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