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Games and Activities

This category lists a variety of games, such as computer or electronic games that are accessible with a screen reader or are self-voicing, and board games or card games that are available in large print or with braille or tactile marks.

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There are 28 Products in the Category

Product Table

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
BasketballA variety of basketballs with sounds.
Blindfold RacerA fully accessible audio driving and racing game in which ga...
Blindfold SudokuFully accessible Sudoku game for both sighted and visually i...
Braille Bingo BoardWhite board raised black letters on the left side and raised... Order Braille Bingo Board from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Braille Bingo Call BoardsThree bingo boards with the numbers listed in regular sequen...
Braille Bingo Call NumbersSeventy-five numbers on squares with raised braille and lett... Order Braille Bingo Call Numbers from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Brailled DiceDice with black tactile dots on white background. Order Brailled Dice from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Brailled MonopolyBritish version of Monopoly identical to the popular America... Image
Deluxe Backgammon SetTournament sized set with raised white dividers and tactile ... Image
Designer Chess SetChess set with chess pieces that are constructed with tactil...
Designer Tic-Tac-ToeWooden Tic Tac Toe board with recessed squares to help guide...
Dominoes with Raised DotsHeavy-duty white plastic domino sets with raised dots for ea...
E-Z Play Low Vision Playing CardsWater-resistant playing cards with extra-large numbers and l... Image
Elite Low Vision Playing CardsDurable plastic cards featuring big, bold 1.25-inch numerals...
Gigantic Laminated Bingo Cards11” x 17” Bingo cards with 2” black numbers against a white ...
GMA Tank CommanderA self-voicing action strategy game in which the goal is to ...
Large Print Bingo CardsLarge, heavy-duty Bingo cards with large print black numbers... Order Large Print Bingo Cards from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Large Print Crossword Puzzle BooksLarge print crossword puzzle book in an 8” x 10” spiral pape... Order Large Print Crossword Puzzle Books from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Large Print ScrabbleDesigned in association with the Royal National Institute o...
Large Table Top Chess SetLarge tabletop chess set comes with two slide-open drawers t... Image
Plastic Braille Playing CardsPlastic playing cards that feature regular print and braille... Order Plastic Braille Playing Cards from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
Scrabble Deluxe EditionScrabble with a board with ridges that hold the tiles in pla... Image
Shades of DoomWindows-based self-voicing game that creates a virtual reali...
Soccer Ball
Textured DominoesTwenty-eight piece domino set with tiles with seven differe... Image
Tic-Tac-Toe II (Jumbo)The old favorite game with large foam pieces.
Travel Chess SetChess set with a board that can be used as a carrying case t... Image

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