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Below is a list of product categories for you to explore. Some products fall into more than one category, such as an electronic notetaker with speech and braille output that can also function as a braille display connected to your computer. Some products require another product to function; for example, a speech synthesizer needs a screen reader to tell it what to say.

The listings below give you the opportunity to learn about products, compare their capabilities and read our reviews of them.

Accessible Mobile Apps
Accessible Software
Audible and Tactile Signs and Warning Surfaces
Braille Printers
Braille Translators
CCTVs/Video Magnifiers
Deaf-Blind/Multiple Disabilities
Digital Talking Book Players (Hardware)
Digital Talking Book Players (Software)
Educational Technology
Electronic Notetakers (Braille)
Electronic Notetakers (Speech)
Games and Activities
GPS (Hardware)
GPS (Software)
Household, Personal and Other Independent Living Products
Low Vision Optical Devices
Miscellaneous Speech Products
Optical Character Recognition Systems
Refreshable Braille Displays
Screen Magnification Systems
Screen Readers
Speech Synthesizers
Windows-Based Tutorials

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