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Below is a list of manufacturers of assistive and mainstream products. You will find that some companies specialize in one area, screen magnification, for example. Other companies produce products across the spectrum of assistive technology. You may have been using one company's product for many years, and want to buy from them again. You may need a screen reader and a screen magnifier, and want to purchase both from the same company. Or, you may want to choose an unfamiliar name, and find out what products that company produces.

The following listings allow you to learn what companies are out there, and what products they manufacture and/or distribute. You may even find a company or distributor in your area.

ABISee, Inc.
Ai Squared
Alexandravision Ltd
All inPlay LLC
American Printing House for the Blind
American Thermoform Corporation
Apple, Inc.
Ash Technologies
Baum USA
Bay Area Digital
Bierley Associates
BSC Games
Canon USA
Captek dba Science Products
Code Factory
Dancing Dots
Design Science, Inc.
Dolphin Computer Access Inc.
Duxbury Systems, Inc.
En-Vision America
Enabling Technologies Company
Enhanced Vision Systems
Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc.
eSight Corporation
Freedom Scientific
gh, LLC
GMA Games
GW Micro, Inc
Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Henter Math
HIMS, Inc.
Index Braille
Innovative Rehabilitation Technology Inc.
Innoventions, Inc.
Iowa Department for the Blind
K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc.
Kurzweil Education
LevelStar LLC
Low Vision International
Magnifying Aids. Inc.
MagniSight, Inc.
Mattingly Low Vision (Headquarters)
Microsoft Corporation
Nippon Telesoft
Ocutech, Inc.
Optek Systems
Optron Assistive Technologies
Opus Technologies
Perkins Products
Portset Systems
Premier Assistive Technology
Quantum Technology
RC Systems, Inc.
Rehan Electronics
Reinecker Reha-Technik
Sendero Group, LLC
Serotek Corporation
Shinano Kenshi Corporation
Springer Design, Inc.
Telesensory (S) Pte Ltd
ViewPlus Technologies, Inc.
Vision Technology, Inc.
Wicab, Inc.
Wolf Products, Inc
Zoomax USA

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