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Enhanced Vision Systems

There are 12 Products for this Manufacturer

Product NameProduct DescriptionDistributor ContactImage/Multimedia Available?
Acrobat HD - Mini Ultra 13.3Portable battery-operated electronic video magnifier for vie...
Acrobat HD Ultra-Long and Short ArmFull HD color, portable, auto-focus rotating camera on a fle...
Acrobat Ultra LCDVideo magnifier that features a 3-in-1 camera for seeing one... Order Acrobat Ultra LCD from The Chicago Lighthouse Store Image and Multimedia
AmigoHandheld portable magnifier with a 7" high resolution LCD wi... Image and Multimedia
DaVinci Pro HD Desktop video magnifier that features a full high-definition... Order DaVinci Pro HD from The Chicago Lighthouse Store
MaxPortable, handheld digital video magnifier that connects to ...
Merlin Full-color, auto-focus video magnification system with optio...
Merlin LCDFlexible full-color, auto-focus desktop magnifier with 7 vie... Image and Multimedia
Merlin ultra Full HD Video magnifier with full high-definition camera, simple, ea...
Pebble 3.5 Portable Video Magnifier Lightweight, handheld magnifier with 2x to 10x magnification...
Pebble HDLightweight, portable video magnifier with a high-definition... Order Pebble HD from The Chicago Lighthouse Store Image and Multimedia
Smart ReaderLightweight, portable full-page OCR system. May be connected... Order Smart Reader from The Chicago Lighthouse Store Image and Multimedia

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