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TTR-30 Sony 2/4 Track Player

Product Category
Household, Personal and Other Independent Living Products

Product Description
Combines true high-fidelity stereo listening with all the NLS format functions. Model features: 2 speed; 2- and 4-track or true stereo playback; 2 speed, 2-track recording in stereo; variable speed control for 30% faster and 20% slower playback; cue and review; built-in mono speaker and microphone; stereo earphone and microphone jacks. Sony headphones and external stereo microphone included. Operates on two AA batteries or AC adaptor (not included). Cassette instructions included.

Innovative Rehabilitation Technology Inc.

Distributor Telephone

  • Listening to Music
  • Reading Books and Periodicals
Suggested Price

4" x 3 x 1"

Size - Weight
6 ounces

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