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Handi-Cassette II Stereo Tape Recorder/Player

Product Category
Household, Personal and Other Independent Living Products

Product Description
Tape recorder/player that includes the following features: Digital Pitch Control (DPC), which allows user to increase or decrease rate of listening without unpleasant change in voice pitch; plays and records on two or four tracks; plays and records at 1 7/8" per second or 15/16 ips (Talking Book speed); built-in mono speaker and microphone stereo playback through included headphones; tactile symbols on controls; and touch checking of tape movement. May be powered by using wall outlet, included rechargeable batteries, or regular AA batteries. Stereo headphones, AC power converter/recharger, rechargeable battery pack, AA battery clip included. Manual in print and on audiocassette provided as well as print and braille quickstart instructions.

American Printing House for the Blind

  • Listening to Music
  • Reading Books and Periodicals
Suggested Price

One-year warranty

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