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Motorola i580

Product Category
Mobile Phones and Related Software

Product Description
A small, clamshell-style phone. It has a 1.5 by 1.25 inch color display screen when closed, and a 1 inch by one-half inch monochrome screen on the outside. It has flat control buttons with the dialing keys arranged in the familiar 3 by 4 grid. Above those are the other keys that have become familiar on cell phones, including soft keys on the top left and right corners, the Send and End keys, a group of 5-way navigation buttons, and the Menu, Cancel and End keys. The left side panel features a rocker switch for controlling volume on the top, and a button used for the walkie-talkie feature on the bottom. It also has two buttons on the top outside panel for accessing the walkie-talkie feature and for hearing phone status information when it is flipped closed.

Distributed by
Nextel Wireless

Distributor Telephone

Suggested Price

$29.99 with 2-year plan

Documentation Format
  • Electronic
  • Print
Documentation Language
  • English (American)
Product Evaluation
Dial Me In: The Latest on Off-the-Shelf Cell Phone Accessibility

3.8 by 2.2 by 1.1 inches when closed.

Size - Weight
5.1 ounces

GPS Indicator

Keyboard Lock Mode

Keys That Are Easily Identifiable by Touch

Message Indicator

Phone Lock Mode

Power Indicator
  • Must press a key
Ringer Volume Control

Ringing or Vibrating Mode Indicator

Roaming Indicator

Signal Strength Indicator

Speed dialing

Voice Output
  • Human voice female
  • Human voice male

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