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LG VX 8350 and 9900

Product Category
Mobile Phones and Related Software

Product Description
Small, clamshell-style cell phones with the following features: a 1.1” x 1.5” high-resolution display screen with 6,500 colors inside and a smaller 0.9” x 0.5” monochrome screen outside when the phone is flipped closed; a keypad with 12 dialing keys arranged in the standard three-by-four grid; six more keys in two rows of three each above the dialing keys with two “soft” keys, whose function depends on the icon adjacent to the key on the display screen, on the outside of the top row; a circular, four-way navigation key between the soft keys surrounding an OK button; and the Send, Cancel, and End keys below that row.

Distributed by
Verizon Wireless

Distributor Telephone
Verizon: 800-256-4646

  • Telecommunications
Suggested Price
$69.99 to $99.95 with service plans

Product Evaluation
Dial Me In: The Latest on Off-the-Shelf Cell Phone Accessibility

LG VX 8350: 3.73" x 1.97" x 0.87"
LG VX 9900 4.6 x 2.1" x 0.8"

Size - Weight
LG VX 8350: 3.3 oz. LG VX 9900: 4.6 oz.

GPS Indicator

Keyboard Lock Mode

Keys That Are Easily Identifiable by Touch

Phone Lock Mode

Power Indicator
  • Must press a key
Ringer Volume Control

Ringing or Vibrating Mode Indicator

Roaming Indicator

Signal Strength Indicator

Speed dialing

Voice Output
  • Human voice female
  • Synthetic speech

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