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Sony Digital Recorder with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Product Category
Household, Personal and Other Independent Living Products

Product Description
Recorder that allows user to record up to 696 minutes (11 hours) of lectures, conversations, or meetings and convert them to text by downloading to a computer to read in the LP mode. Recordings may be organized into five file folders. Features include Digital Voice UpĀ® and VOR (Voice Operated Recording) functions, which increases the volume of the person speaking when recorded at a distance from the unit; digital pitch control, which allows recordings to be heard at slower than normal speeds without distortion to facilitate transcribing or editing, or faster than normal to move quickly to a desired portion; recording monitor function, which allows user to listen to the recording level by using headphone while unit is recording. Also includes 32MB Flash Memory, recording modes (ST/STLP/SP/LP), playback speaker, built-in stereo microphone; uploading of MP3 music files, DC-in jack. Comes with USB Cable, Digital Voice Editor Software, Stereo Ear Receiver.

Distributed by
The Chicago Lighthouse

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