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CCTVs/Video Magnifiers

Product Description Desktop auto-focus video magnifier with a magnification range of 2x to 65x with an adjustable camera and 17" or 19" flat panel monitor with black and white, color, and reverse white on black viewing for seeing near, intermediate and distant objects. The table organizer in the x-y table provides a small storage space for pens and papers. Optional Effects Package includes color combination options, window shading, and line markers.

Vision Technology, Inc.

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  • Distance Viewing
  • Near Viewing
  • Reading Books and Periodicals
  • Reading Print
  • Writing
Suggested Price $3895 + $95 shipping/handling (17” monitor)
$4095 + $95 shipping/handling (19” monitor)

Warranty 2-year warranty

Maintenance/Technical Support Telephone support available.

Technical Support (Phone) (800) 560-7226

Documentation Format
  • Print
Documentation Language
  • English (American)
Computer Compatible

Magnification 2x to 65x

Monitor Size
  • 17 inch
  • 19 inch
Monitor Type
  • Flat Panel
Display Feature/Viewing Modes
  • Black & White
  • Full Color
  • Inverse Modes
  • Auto
Comes with XY Table

Mount Type
  • Clamp
Dimensions 25”h x 19”w x 18”d

Size - Weight 27 lbs.

Accessories (Included)
  • AC Adaptor
  • XY Table

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