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Acrobat Ultra LCD

Product Categories
CCTVs/Video Magnifiers

Product Description Video magnifier that features a 3-in-1 camera for seeing one's self up close, reading, and distance viewing. Comes with 20", 22", 24", or 27" high-resolution LCD monitors that provide 1.6x to 99.5x adjustable magnification (varies with LCD size). The camera is also detachable, allowing one to use it at various workstations.

Enhanced Vision Systems

Distributed by Enhanced Vision Systems

Distributor Contact

Distributor Telephone (888) 811-3161

  • Distance Viewing
  • Near Viewing
  • Self-viewing
Suggested Price $2,395.00

Warranty 2-year warranty

Computer Compatible

Magnification up to 65x

Monitor Size
  • 19 inch
  • 22 inch
Display Feature/Viewing Modes
  • Full Color
  • High-Contrast Artificial Colors
  • Inverse Modes
  • Auto
Comes with XY Table

Rotating Camera

Multimedia Presentation The video below provides an overview of the features and functionality of the Acrobat LCD 19" magnifier. This video was produced by Enhanced Vision Systems, and is displayed with their permission.

Multimedia Transcript 0:00 Acrobat LCD flexibility for any task
0:03 see near, far, and everything in between with Acrobat LCD
0:08 it's our most flexible solution for reading, writing
0:11 or reviewing magnified images at a distance use it up close like a mirror
0:16 for applying makeup or other personal grooming by simply rotating the camera
0:20 you can magnify images in the distance
0:22 use it to view presentations paperwork even work on crafts & Hobbies
0:27 Acrobat is ideal for work, school, or home
0:30 and is easily transported. Acrobat LCD is a complete system featuring a 3 in 1
0:36 Camera
0:36 with the 19, 22 or 24 inch monitor.
0:40 The adjustable arm and rotating capability allows the camera to be
0:44 positioned at any angle for optimal viewing.
0:46 Detachable camera for use in multiple workstations.
0:49 A built-in handle allows for easy transport. Enhanced vision: more choices, more solutions - you'll see.

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