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CCTVs/Video Magnifiers

Product Description Handheld portable magnifier with a 7" high resolution LCD with large field of view adjustable magnification of 1.4x to 25x. May be used to read price tags, restaurant menus, ingredients on a package and directions.

Enhanced Vision Systems

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  • Distance Viewing
  • Near Viewing
  • Reading Print
Suggested Price $695
$1,695 (writing stand and carrying case included)

Warranty Two-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Computer Compatible

Magnification 3.5x-14x

Display Feature/Viewing Modes
  • Black & White
  • Full Color
  • Inverse Modes
  • Auto
Comes with XY Table

Mount Type
  • Handheld
Rotating Camera

Dimensions 6.5"l x 3.75"w x 1.7"h

Multimedia Presentation The video below provides an overview of the features and functionality of the Amigo magnifier. This video was produced by Enhanced Vision Systems, and is displayed with their permission. American Foundation for the Blind. All rights reserved.
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