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If you golfed before you began losing your vision, you can continue to tee off. Your best source of inspiration is the United States Blind Golf Association (USBGA), where you can find information on golfing for people with vision loss, including tournaments, tips for players and coaches, and more.

Golf GPS

A golf GPS is a tool that helps all golfers by mapping out golf courses.

Tips from a Blind Golf "Pro": The Lessons I've Learned
Avid golfer Bruce Hooper, 2006 International Blind Golf Association World Champion and Vice President of USBGA, has macular degeneration. He offers the following insights on how he plays the game.

  1. I have limited vision that allows me to see within a 5-foot square. I have no central vision, so I use my lower peripheral vision to locate the golf ball on the ground. Throughout my swing I keep the ball locked in my peripheral vision. Doing this helps me keep the club on the right path to hit the ball.

  2. Proper alignment to the fairway or green is very important. I have my coach align me to the center of the fairway or the green. By aiming to the center instead of the flagstick I allow for a greater margin of error. I want to begin every full swing with my feet and shoulders parallel to my target line. It feels more comfortable to me to have a slightly open stance for chip shots.

  3. I work on hitting practice shots that are specific distances. I need a feel of reference for distance. When my coach (my wife Judy) tells me how far I am from the target, I can make the proper club selection for the shot.

  4. After being advised of the distance and selecting the club I intend to hit, I use the best eyesight I have. I visualize in my mind the shot that I am about to hit. I practice swing while visualizing the shot. I then try to execute the stroke that I have been practicing.

  5. I cannot play or practice without my coach. Progress in my use of my other senses in playing golf requires feedback. I need to know not only where the ball ended up after the shot but also how it got there. I need to know if the ball curved or went straight in a direction.

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JVIB Special Issue on Critical Issues in Visual Impairment & Blindness

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