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Descriptive Video

In the last few years descriptive video has been developed and is available for some shows. The Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is a major United States producer of video description, which makes visual media, such as television programs, feature films, and home videos, more accessible to people with vision loss. By adding narration of visual aspects around existing dialogue, WGBH, a PBS station, has developed ways to use the new technology of stereophonic television broadcasting, particularly multichannel television sound (MTS), which allowed for a third audio channel, called the Secondary Audio Program (SAP). This allows you to control when the narration is heard. For more information on descriptive video check out the blog Video Description: Must Hear TV?.

WGBH provides a schedule of television programs with video description as well as movie theatres and home videos that are available with video description online. Downloadable audio tracks of hundreds of movies with descriptive video are available free by calling 713- 893-7277 and registering with Blind Mice Mart. There's no charge to register and you'll find classics as well as new releases. You can download these audio files to an MP3 player or play them on your computer. Another resource for movies and television episodes with descriptive video narration is Movies for the Blind, where you can choose to view online or download files to play on an MP3 player.

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