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Cover of : A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Paperback)

Vision Loss in an Aging Society: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Paperback)

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Description of Vision Loss in an Aging Society

Vision Loss in an Aging Society is a thoughtful and challenging overview that integrates practice and policy issues relating to aging and visual impairment. It reflects the perspectives of leading experts in the fields of vision rehabilitation and aging. This essential reference outlines the critical components of public policy changes urgently needed in view of demographic trends and is an invaluable resource for university instructors as well as for professionals in the fields of low vision, social work, geriatric medicine, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and public health.

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Paperback Product Details:

Pages: 224 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-89128-307-2
Publisher: AFB Press
Year of publication: 2000
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Editorial Review:

The Gerontologist
John E. Crews and Frank Whittington in Vision Loss in an Aging Society: A Multidisciplinary Perspective, have edited a useful, nontechnical collection of chapters that approach age-related vision loss from a multitude of perspectives. This book's large, clear print and ample white space show that its publisher (the American Foundation for the Blind) understands issues of accessibility. In addition to a discussion of the medical issues surrounding age-related vision impairment, Crew's and Whittington's book provides an excellent, up-to-date treatment of the demographics of age-related vision impairment and of the social policy issues related to vision and aging.
Doody's Book Review Service
Four stars.

Book Contributors:

Lorraine Lidoff, Alberta L. Orr, M.S.W., Edward F. Ansello, Ph.D., Robert C. Atchley, Ph.D., Amy Horowitz, D.S.W., Bryan Kemp, Ph.D., Alfred A. Rosenbloom, Jr., O.D., D.O.S, Barbara Silverstone, D.S.W., Dale C. Strasser, M.D., Cynthia Stuen, D.S.W.