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Cover of : Helping Your Child Who Is Visually Impaired Learn and Grow (Paperback)

Reach Out and Teach: Helping Your Child Who Is Visually Impaired Learn and Grow (Paperback)

New and Updated Edition!!

Formats Available and Product Details

Formats Available Price
Paperback $49.95
Online $30.00
By Online Chapter $10.95
ASCII Download $34.95
e-book (ePUB format) $34.95
e-book (Kindle format) $34.95

Description of Reach Out and Teach

The empowering guide that taught parents and teachers how to promote the development of young children with visual and multiple impairments is now available in an exciting new edition that reflects the concerns of today's families and professionals and the latest research findings on learning in infancy and early childhood.

New and expanded information on
- The different learning needs of young children who are visually impaired

- Skills to focus on at different ages in the primary development areas of sensory development, communication, movement, manipulation, and comprehension

- Effective ways of using everyday activities and routines to teach skills and encourage learning, with specific step-by-step suggestions

-Strategies for navigating early intervention services and the transition to elementary school successfully

- Behaviors to promote in children with visual impairments for success in preschool and kindergarten

- Adaptations, assistive technology, and other tools that can help young children in the classroom

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Paperback Product Details:

ISBN: 978-0-89128-457-4
Publisher: AFB Press
Year of publication: 2011
Availability: ships in 3-4 days; allow time for mailing

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