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Set of Foundations of Low Vision and Functional Vision (Paperback)

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Description of Set of Foundations of Low Vision and Functional Vision

Foundations of Low Vision promotes the key focus of low vision services: understanding the functional as well as the clinical implications of low vision and the provision of services based on an individual's actual abilities and needs, rather than on clinical measurements alone. This invaluable resource focuses on conducting assessments, developing teaching strategies that support both children and adults, and planning programs and services that optimize the functional vision of individuals and their ability to lead productive and satisfying lives.

Functional Vision presents a systematic, comprehensive, integrated approach to assessing functional vision and delivering appropriate services determined by evaluation results. The text explains various ways to link intervention to assessment findings and to teach compensatory skills through everyday activities at school, work, and home, and in the community. This detailed and practical guide provides case examples, charts, figures, and sample forms that enable practitioners to apply expert methods directly in their work with clients.

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ISBN: 978-0-89128-494-9
Year of publication: 2010
Availability: ships in 3-4 days; allow time for mailing

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