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Vision and the Brain: Understanding Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children

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Part 1: Vision and the Brain: An Introduction

Chapter 1: Impairment of Vision Due to Damage to the Brain

Chapter 2: The Brain and Vision

Chapter 3: Disorders of the Brain and How They Can Affect Vision

Chapter 4: The Potential Impact of Visual Impairment and CVI on Child Development

Chapter 5: Brain Plasticity and Development

Chapter 6: The Role of Attention and Executive Brain Functions in Seeing and Behavior in Children with CVI

Chapter 7: Considerations in the Behavioral Diagnosis of CVI: Issues, Cautions, and Potential Outcomes

Part II: Related Visual Issues

Chapter 8: Eye Movement Disorders in Children with Cerebral Visual Impairment

Chapter 9: Refractive Errors, Impaired Focusing, and the Need for Eyeglasses in Children with CVI

Part III: Assessment of Childre with CVI

Chapter 10: Assessment of Children with CVI: Introduction and Overview

Chapter 11: Assessment of Functional Vision: History Taking for Children with CVI

Chapter 12: Assessment of Visual Function and Functional Vision

Chapter 13: Assessment of Functional VIsion: Assessment of Visual Processing in Children with CVI

Chapter 14: Assessments Linked to Interventions: Observational Assessment of Young Children with Multiple Disabilities

Chapter 15: Assessments Linked to Interventions: Literacy and Math

Chapter 16: Assessments Linked to Interventions: Independent Living Skills

Chapter 17: Assessments Linked to Interventions: Orientation and Mobility

Chapter 18: Assessments Linked to Interventions: Computers, Tablets, and Other Assistive Technology

Part IV: Intervention

Chapter 19: Intervention Methods: Overview and Principles

Chapter 20: Cerebral Visual Impairment and Cerebral Blindness in Very Young Children: Connecting Assessment to Intervention

Chapter 21: Improving Functional Use of Vision for Children with CVI and Multiple DIsabilities

Chapter 22: Parent-Recommended Strategies to Assist Children with CVI

Chapter 23 Supports for Children and Families

Chapter 24: Insights from Adult Neuro-vision Rehabilitation and Habilitative/Rehabilitative Considerations for Children



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