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O&M for Independent Living: Strategies for Teaching Orientation and Mobility to Older Adults

Table of contents

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Chapter 1 Vision Loss and Older Adults: Considerations for the Orientation and Mobility Professional

Chapter 2 Sensory Changes with Age: Assessment Strategies for Older Adults with Visual Impairment

Chapter 3 Modifying Orientation and Mobility Techniques for Older Adults with Visual Impairments

Chapter 4 Orientation and Mobility Tools and Techniques

Chapter 5Environmental Adaptation and Modification

Chapter 6 Importance of Exercise for Orientation and Mobility for Older Adults with Visual Impairments

Chapter 7 Daily Living Skills and Orientation and Mobility: Merging Skills to Enhance Life Satisfaction

Chapter 8 Fostering Collaboration among Professionals Serving Older People with Vision Loss

Epilogue Current and Emerging Issue for O&M Service Provision



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Book Contributors:
John Clare