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Beginning with Braille: Firsthand Experiences with a Balanced Approach to Literacy, Second Edition

NEW edition, updated and expanded with UEB!

Table of contents

Foreword to the Second Edition: Frances Mary D'Andrea

Foreword to the First Edition: Alan J. Koenig


Thoughtful Choices: Prologue

How to Read This Book

Part 1: A Context for Instruction

Chapter 1: Trends in General Education Literacy Instruction

Chapter 2: Trends in Teaching Braille

Chapter 3: Guidelines and Strategies for Teaching Beginning Braille

Chapter 4: Assessment and Documentation

Part 2: You and Your Braille Student

Chapter 5: Promoting Early Literacy: First Experiences with Reading and Writing Braille

Chapter 6: An Overview of Options for Literacy Instruction

Chapter 7: Teaching the Beginning Reader: Three Steps to Beginning Braille

Chapter 8: The Third Step: Guided Reading

Chapter 9: Beginning Reading Activities

Chapter 10: Teaching the Beginning Writer

Chapter 11: The Developing Writer, the Writing Process, and the Role of Technology

Chapter 12: Teaching the Dual-Media Learner

Chapter 13: Teaching Braille to Students with Diverse Needs

Chapter 14: Case Studies:Two Beginning Braille Readers

Part 3: Beyond Instruction: Braille in the Inclusion Classroom

Chapter 15: Adapting Print Materials

Chapter 16: Braille Literacy for Sighted Classmates




Appendix A: Teaching Materials

Appendix B: Blank Record Forms and Checklists

Appendix C: Braille Activities for Sighted Children


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