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The Braille Trail®: Classroom Activity Packet (Paperback)

Includes Parent/Teacher Guide, Activity Book, set of braille sheets, and a Braille Bug® Alphabet Card!

Formats Available and Product Details

Formats Available Price
Paperback $29.95
Packet $34.95

Description of The Braille Trail®: Classroom Activity Packet

Based on the popular and enthusiastically received Braille Bug™, who happily inhabits AFB’s web site at, The Braille Trail: An Activity Book, and its companion, The Braille Trail™ Parent/Teacher Guide, offer students, parents, and teachers, a delightful and fascinating introduction to braille. Designed to teach sighted children about braille and to encourage literacy among all children The Braille Trail™ offers games, graphics, activities, and a wealth of information on braille, assistive technology used by people who are blind or visually impaired and are readers of braille, and the biographies of Helen Keller and Louis Braille.

Paperback Product Details:

Pages: 26 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-89128-862-6
Publisher: AFB Press
Year of publication: 2002
Availability: ships in 3-4 days; allow time for mailing

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