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Learning to Listen Full Webinar Series (eLearning)

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Description of Learning to Listen Full Webinar Series

Learning to Listen Webinar Series
This series of five webinars features the authors of the book Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn: Teaching Listening Skills to Students with Visual Impairments who will give more in-depth information about selected topics in the book. The cost of the series is $39.95; individual webinars are $9.95 each if purchased separately.

Learning to Listen: Exploring the Link between Listening and Literacy Skill Development
Presenter Lizbeth Barclay
This session demonstrates the link between listening and learning and reviews strategies that professionals may use with their students to develop both listening and literacy skills. It includes essential aspects of listening and a special Q&A session with Liz Barclay, the editor of Learning to Listen/Listening to Learn.


ACVREP: 1 hour

Listening for Orientation and Mobility: Hearing the Whole Picture
Presenters Maya Delgado Greenberg and Wendy Scheffers
Learn how travelers can use listening skills to determine properties of silent objects and space through auditory space perception, including echolocation. Teaching strategies for auditory space perception are presented, including how to use common household objects to demonstrate the properties of sound and how to select appropriate learning environments.


ACVREP: 1 hour

Learning to Listen: Listening and Technology
Presenters Jerry Kuns and Stephanie Herlich
Developing listening skills for academics is a learned process that takes training and reinforcement. This webinar provides the foundation for finding appropriate tools for students, learning the essential skills needed for efficient listening, and understanding the wide variety of audio devices available to students.


ACVREP: 1 hour

Learning to Listen: Listening Guidelines for English Language Learners
Presenter Madeline Milian, Ed.D.
This webinar provides an overview of important factors that need to be taken into consideration when educating students who are blind or visually impaired and are learning English as a new language. The sequence of listening skills as it relates to learning a new language is discussed.


ACVREP: 1.5 hours

Learning to Listen: Listening and Understanding: Focus on Semantics and Language Comprehension
Presenter Laura Denton
Difficulty with language comprehension strongly affects a student’s ability to listen. This webinar covers the characteristics of receptive language difficulties as they affect listening and presents strategies to promote improved listening.


ACVREP: 1 hour

Participants in the Learning to Listen webinars will receive a 15% off coupon to purchase the book, Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn: Teaching Listening Skills to Students with Visual Impairments from the AFB Bookstore. The coupon code will be sent by e-mail once the purchase of the webinars has been completed.

Earn professional development credit by purchasing certificates for this eLearning offering below. Completing a post-test and evaluation, both online, is required to earn credit. Certificates are emailed immediately upon completion.

Webinars in this series contain the following components:
Synchronized audio and slide text
Audio transcript

Selected webinars may incorporate audio or video clips.

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Year of publication: 2012
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