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Cover of : Promoting Literacy for Students with Low Vision (Online)

Looking to Learn: Promoting Literacy for Students with Low Vision (Online)

Formats Available and Product Details

Formats Available Price
Online $30.00
Paperback $49.95
By Online Chapter $10.95
ASCII Download $34.95
e-book (ePUB format) $34.95
e-book (Kindle format) $34.95

Description of Looking to Learn

A vital handbook that provides teachers with practical tips and advice on improving literacy skills for students with low vision. Easy-to-understand explanations of such topics as interpreting eye reports, performing functional vision assessments, and working with low vision service providers are included, along with chapters on games and activities that teachers can use in their classrooms. The valuable resource section, tables, sample reports, and sidebars offer essential information on assessing low-vision students and helping them use their vision effectively.

Online Product Details:

ISBN: LookLrn
Publisher: AFB Press
Year of publication: 2000
Availability: Immediately

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