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VisionConnect™ Free Patient Information (Accessories)

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Description of VisionConnect™ Free Patient Information

VisionConnect™ is a new, free, accessible app for iOS and Android devices from the American Foundation for the Blind that gives people losing their vision the ability to search for local services find helpful information about living with vision loss. Doctors and other health care professionals can use the app to talk with patients about vision loss or make and e-mail lists of information. Learn more about the app and download it at AFB VisionConnect™ or download the app here.

Doctors and health care providers can educate patients about the VisionConnect app. They can "prescribe" VisionConnect™ to patients who need information about services and living with vision loss and provide them with outreach information to encourage them to download and use the app. Each outreach packet includes 10 mock prescription pads and 10 rack cards. Order materials for a clinic or medical office or share with a doctor or health care professional you know. The materials are free, you pay only $10 to help cover the costs of shipping.

Accessories Product Details:

Pages: 10 rack cards, 10 prescription pads
ISBN: PrescriptionPads
Year of publication: 2015
Availability: ships in 3-4 days; allow time for mailing

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