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Correspondence between Maureen Young, Muriel Wagner, Helen Keller, Gregor Ziemer, and Nella Braddy H... December 3, 1959

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Series1: General Correspondence
Sub Series1: Legal & Administrative
Box14: Legal: Consents T - Z - Copyrights
Folder6: Legal: Consents: X,Y,Z - General
Item No3
Format of Original9 x 12 inches
SubjectLegal; Publication; Blindness; Event - Christmas
DescriptionCorrespondence between Maureen Young, Muriel Wagner, Helen Keller, Gregor Ziemer, and Nella Braddy Henney regarding "An Adventure in Light" and "The Light Mission" by Maureen Young and Muriel Wagner, requesting Helen Keller's permission to use her and Anne Sullivan Macy's names in the books, accompanied by a Christmas card from Miss Young and Mrs. Wagner.
SignatureWagner, Muriel
Subject PersonWeiler, Jessie; Young, Maureen; Keller, Helen; Keller, Helen A.; Keller, Helen Adams; Macy, Anne S.; Macy, Anne Sullivan; Sullivan, Anne Mansfield
Folder Start Date1929
Folder End Date1965
Holding InstitutionAmerican Foundation for the Blind
Contact Information2 Penn Plaza, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10121, (212) 502-7600

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