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Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Deaf-Blind. Book 42." Created by Rebecca Mack ... August 15, 1952

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Series5: Scrapbooks
Box281: Rebecca Mack Scrapbooks circa 1952-1953
Folder2: Book XLII
Item No1
Format of Original8 x 10 inches
SubjectBlindness - advocacy; Deafness - deaf - deafblind; Blindness - advocacy - employment; Award - French Legion of Honor; Blindness - organization - Seeing Eye, Inc.; Travel - advocacy overseas; Travel - Israel; Event - Louis Braille Centennial; Event - lecture tour; Architecture - building - Helen Keller Home - Tuscumbia, AL; Event - Helen Keller Day; Blindness - braille; Travel - Egypt; Blindness - organization - American Association of Workers for the Blind; Writing by Helen Keller; Travel - South Africa; Blindness - organization - Perkins School for the Blind; Award - M. C. Migel Award; Blindness - organization - Seeing Eye, Inc.; Blindness - seeing eye dog; Blindness - organization - American Foundation for the Blind
DescriptionScrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Deaf-Blind. Book 42." Created by Rebecca Mack containing miscellaneous articles about Helen Keller, Keller's French Legion of Honor award, the Helen Keller shrine at Ivy Green, the Louis Braille Centennial, Keller's visit to the Middle East, Thomas J. Watson, and seeing eye dogs. Scrapbook clippings circa 1951-1952. Scrapbook created June 1952.
Subject PersonKeller, Helen; Keller, Helen A.; Keller, Helen Adams; Thomson, Polly; Macy, Anne S.; Macy, Anne Sullivan; Sullivan, Anne Mansfield; Bell, Alexander G.; Braille, Louis; Barnett, M. R.; Barnett, M. Robert; Handy, W. C.; Wilson, D. L.; Wilson, Dewey L.; Henninger, E. J.; Le Pla, Frieda; Dinsmore, Annette B.; Blaxall, Arthur W.; Blaxall, A. W.; Watson, Thomas J.; Salmon, Peter J.
Folder Start Date1907
Folder End DateJune, 1953
Holding InstitutionAmerican Foundation for the Blind
Contact Information2 Penn Plaza, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10121, (212) 502-7600

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