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Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Blind. Book XV." Created by Rebecca Mack conta...

Image 393 > Item No 1 > Folder 1: Book XV > Box 272: Rebecca Mack Scrapbooks circa 1931-1932 > Series 5: Scrapbooks
... Catt is stiir working for women, still organizing, planning, speaking for them. Her work has broadenedfits scope, insteau of ...
Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Blind. Book XV." Created by Rebecca Mack containing miscellaneous articles about Helen Keller, the World Conference on Work for the Blind, new technology to aid the blind including the Visagraph and the Teletactor, seeing eye dogs, Keller's visit with President Hoover at the White House, Keller's honorary degree from University of Glasgow, Keller's meeting with King Alexander of Yugoslavia, Helen May Martin, Kathryne Frick, and sculptor Federico Giorgi's gift to Keller inspired by her poem about Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh. Includes letter from Helen Keller to Rebecca Mack and various articles written by Keller. Scrapbook clippings circa 1908-1935. Scrapbook created May 1931.
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Keller, Helen
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