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Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Blind. Book VI." Created by Rebecca Mack conta...

Image 101 > Item No 1 > Folder 2: Book VI > Box 269: Rebecca Mack Scrapbooks circa 1888-1921 > Series 5: Scrapbooks
... He WaS in words, fhough he made but few speeches. He was a man skilled in literature possessing a ...

Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Deaf-Blind. Book 51." Created by Rebecca Mack ...

Image 63 > Item No 1 > Folder 1: Book LI > Box 284: Rebecca Mack Scrapbooks circa 1955 > Series 5: Scrapbooks
... more often the sight than the sightseer; . Endless speeches, interviews,

Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Deaf-Blind. Book 55." Created by Rebecca Mack ...

Image 129 > Item No 1 > Folder 3: Book LV > Box 285: Rebecca Mack Scrapbooks circa 1956-1957 > Series 5: Scrapbooks
els, Dick makes nearly a hundred talks and speeches., each year. Many deafblind persons eventually lose their voices ...
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