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Note with a from Helen Keller's quotation on idleness from a speech before the Junior League.

Image 1 > Item No 26 > Folder 1: Writing by Helen Keller: Quotations, A-C, 1894-1961 > Box 229: Writing by HK: Q - S > Series 2: Writing about/by Helen Keller
See: SPEECHES 1949 Fort Wayne, Indiana, Junior League 1949, October 18 ...

Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Blind. Book XXIII." Created by Rebecca Mack co...

Image 189 > Item No 1 > Folder 1: Book XXIII > Box 275: Rebecca Mack Scrapbooks circa 1940-1942 > Series 5: Scrapbooks
... they are prone to put wrong constructions on the speeches they cannot follow, to cover up or minimize their ...

Scrapbook entitled "Scrapbook of Helen Keller and The Blind. Book XXX." Created by Rebecca Mack cont...

Image 19 > Item No 1 > Folder 2: Book XXX > Box 277: Rebecca Mack Scrapbooks circa 1946-1947 > Series 5: Scrapbooks
feelings of all present in speeches paying tribute to Dr. Keller's great qualities of mind ...
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