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the American Foundation for the Blind

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Letter from Robert B. Irwin to M. C. Migel, Phoenix, AZ regarding Helen Keller Meetings.

Image 1 > Item No 11 > Folder 5: American Foundation for the Blind - Misc. correspondence > Box 24: Affiliations: AFB > Sub Series 2: Advocacy & Work > Series 1: General Correspondence
... would be about the same whether Helen made 11 speeches or 30. The returns from 11 speeches would be ...

Letter from M. C. Migel, NYC to Walter C. Rundle, Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affair...

Image 2 > Item No 18 > Folder 6: Travel: South America Tour - Planning with US State Department > Box 37: Travel: 1933 to 1948 > Sub Series 2: Advocacy & Work > Series 1: General Correspondence
... would mean a very serious assignment, as Dr. Keller's speeches and addresses are all conveyed in such spiritual and ...

Letter from Nella Braddy Henney to Phillips Keller about Helen Keller and Polly Thomson's activities...

Image 1 > Item No 29 > Folder 5: Henney, Nella Braddy > Box 58: Hedkvist - Henney > Sub Series 3: Individuals > Series 1: General Correspondence
... make a speech for the-Foundation and they have -other speeches' to make, Including' one In-Atlanta* Georgia, which gives you ...
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