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Special Issue on Vision and the Brain Contents



Neurological Vision Rehabilitation: Description and Case Study

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John Kingston, Jennifer Katsaros, Yurika Vu, and Gregory L. Goodrich


A Survey of Parents of Children with Cortical or Cerebral Visual Impairment

Bernadette Jackel, Michelle Wilson, and Elizabeth Hartmann


Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children: A Longitudinal Case Study of Functional Outcomes Beyond the Visual Acuities

Fook Chang Lam, Fiona Lovett, and Gordon N. Dutton

Functional Vision Assessment

The Reliability of the CVI Range: A Functional Vision Assessment for Children with Cortical Visual Impairment

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Sandra Newcomb

Research Report

Outcomes and Opportunities: A Study of Children with Cortical Visual Impairment

Christine A. Roman Lantzy and Alan Lantzy


Personnel Preparation for Training Professionals to Work with Individuals with CVI at Florida State University

Amy R. McKenzie

Developing the University Curriculum to Include CVI: A Work in Progress at the University of Arizona

Jane N. Erin

Brain Injury and Personnel Preparation at Mississippi State University

B. J. LeJeune

Inclusion of CVI in Texas Tech University's Personnel Preparation Program

Nora Griffin-Shirley and Rona Pogrund

Personnel Preparation and CVI at Vanderbilt University

Deborah D. Hatton


Guest Editors' Page


What's in a Name? Appropriate Terminology for CVI

August Colenbrander

Cortical or Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children: A Brief Overview

Amanda Hall Lueck

Vision Rehabilitation Services at a Crossroads

Gregory L. Goodrich and Amanda Hall Lueck

From War Injured to the Elderly, Brain Injuries Are on the Rise for Vision Rehabilitation Practitioners

Cyndy Iskow

From the Field



JVIB thanks Amanda Hall Lueck, Ph.D., professor and coordinator, Program in Visual Impairments, Department of Special Education, San Francisco State University, and Gregory L. Goodrich, Ph.D., research psychologist and coordinator, Optometric Research Fellowship Program, Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, for their scholarship and commitment as guest editors of this Special Issue on Vision and the Brain.

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