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Rehabilitation and Research Priorities in Deafblindness for the Next Decade

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Walter Wittich, Jonathan Jarry, Geneviève Groulx, Kenneth Southall, and Jean-Pierre Gagné

The Relationship Between Work and Health in Persons with Usher Syndrome Type 2

Mattias Ehn, Kerstin Möller, Berth Danermark, and Claes Möller

Implications of Deafblindness: The Physical and Mental Health and Social Trust of Persons with Usher Syndrome Type 3

Moa Wahlqvist, Claes Möller, Kerstin Möller, and Berth Danermark

Physical Fitness

Health-Related Physical Fitness among Young Goalball Players with Visual Impairments

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Otávio Luis Piva da Cunha Furtado, Márcio Pereira Morato, Michael Potenza, and Gustavo Luiz Gutierrez

Research Report

Results of an Online Refresher Course to Build Braille Transcription Skills in Professionals

Tina S. Herzberg and L. Penny Rosenblum

Practice Perspectives

Through Different Lenses

Jane N. Erin

Methods for Prism Placement for Hemianopic Visual Field Loss in Adults with Low Vision

Denise T. Wilcox, Connie L. Chronister, and Muriel R. Savage


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JVIB Peer Reviewers

Book Reviews

iOS in the Classroom: A Guide for Teaching Students with Visual Impairments, Larry L. Lewis, Jr. New York: AFB Press, 2016, 138 pp. Paperback, $29.95; e-book (ePUB or Kindle), $20.95; online, $17.95.

Reviewed by Stacy M. Kelly

DK Braille Series, by Fleur Star, Editor, and Jemma Westing, Designer: Animals, 31 pp., hardcover, $22.99; Counting, 16 pp., board, $14.99; It Can't Be True! 73 pp., hardcover, $29.99; On the Move, 31 pp., hardcover, $22.99; Shapes, 16 pp., board, $14.99. New York: DK Publishing, 2016.

Reviewed by Anna M. Swenson

Statistical Sidebar

Measuring Change: Pitfalls in Research Design

Robert Wall Emerson

News From the Field


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