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November-December 2016  Volume 110  Number 6

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Special Issue on Aging and Vision Loss Contents



Health Outcomes Associated with Self-Reported Vision Impairment in Older Adults

Bernard A. Steinman

Dual-Sensory Loss

Needs and Challenges of Seniors with Combined Hearing and Vision Loss

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Michele C. McDonnall, Adele Crudden, B. J. LeJeune, Anne Steverson, and Nancy O'Donnell

Comorbid Conditions

Targeted Vision Function Goals and Use of Vision Resources in Ophthalmology Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Comorbid Depressive Symptoms

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Robin Casten, Barry W. Rovner, and Joseph L. Fontenot

Disaster Preparedness

Disoriented and Immobile: The Experiences of People with Visual Impairments During and After the Christchurch, NewZealand, 2010 and 2011 Earthquakes

Gretchen A. Good, Suzanne Phibbs, and Kerry Williamson

Practice Perspectives

Why It Is Important to Encourage Practicing Professionals to Become Authors

Jane N. Erin

Practice Reports

Steps to Offering Low Vision Rehabilitation Services Through Clinical Video Telehealth

Carolyn Ihrig

Drug-Induced Deficits in Color Perception: Implications for Vision Rehabilitation Professionals

Sarah Zakaib Rassi, Dave Saint-Amour, and Walter Wittich

Research Reports

A Comparison of Subjects' Reading and Writing Performance and Preference While Using Various Portable Electronic Magnifiers

Tracy L. Matchinski and Janis E. Winters

A Summary of Services Provided by Chapter 2 Programs: A Review of Older Individuals Who Are Blind Annual Performance Report Data from Years 2008-2013

Kendra Farrow and Anne Steverson


Guest Editor's Page


Aging and Vision Advocates Unite to Move the Bar for Older Persons Who Are Visually Impaired: A Call to Action

Rebecca Sheffield and Priscilla Rogers

Death (and Taxes) May Be Certain. Is Vision Loss?

Alan R. Morse

Wayfinding Technologies for Older Adults with Visual Impairments: Ideas for Future Directions

Marlon Maus, Basia Belza, Nai-Ching Chi, Rebecca Hunter, Sean Mullen, and William A. Satariano

Book Review

O&M for Independent Living: Strategies for Teaching Orientation and Mobility to Older Adults, by Nora Griffin-Shirley and Laura Bozeman, Editors

Reviewed by Kevin Hollinger

Statistical Sidebar

Reading Results Sections: It Is All about Context

Robert Wall Emerson


News From the Field


Entire Issue (in HTML)

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