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Paper or Digital Text: Which Reading Medium Is Best for Students with Visual Impairments?

Ramona McLaughlin and Cheryl Kamei-Hannan

Early Intervention

Evidence that Maternal Age Influences the Occurrence of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

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Sarah E. Ivy and Deborah D. Hatton

Physical Education

The 1Touch Project: A Pilot Study of a Program to Teach Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired Self-Defense

Tessa McCarthy, Miranda D. Brown, and Stephen H. Nicholls

Weekday Physical Activity and Health-Related Fitness of Youths with Visual Impairments and Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Visual Impairments

Justin A. Haegele, Xihe Zhu, and T. Nicole Kirk


Transfer of Learning in People Who Are Blind: Enhancement of Spatial-Cognitive Abilities Through Drawing

Lora T. Likova and Laura Cacciamani

Research Reports

Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Reading Performance: Does Font Style Make a Difference?

Christina Hedlich, Elizabeth Barstow, and Laura K. Vogtle

Experiences of Young Adults with Deafblindness after High School

Michele C. McDonnall and Jennifer L. Cmar

Practice Reports

Visual Impairment and Falls: Outcomes of Two Fall Risk Assessments after a Four-Week Fall Prevention Program

John T. Kingston

Using the JAWS Screen Reader and the Focus Braille Display to Read Foreign Language Books Downloaded from the Bookshare Accessible Online Library

Gaylen Kapperman, Stacy M. Kelly, and Elizabeth Koster

Practice Perspective

Helping Students with Visual Impairments Know Themselves Better Through the Life-Sized Eyeball Activity

Cindy Bachofer


Editor's Page


Update on Unified English Braille Implementation in the United States

Frances Mary D'Andrea

Statistical Sidebar

The Nuances of Interaction Effects

Robert Wall Emerson

News From the Field


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