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Blind and Partially Sighted Students' Access to Mathematics and Computer Technology in Ireland and Belgium--print edition page(s) 105-114

H. Cahill, C. Linehan, J. McCarthy, G. Bormans, J. Engelen

Abstract: This article presents the results of a survey that investigated two related issues for blind and partially sighted students: (1) mathematical-access difficulties and (2) general experiences using computer technology. The survey was part of the formative evaluation of a workstation for Mathematic Access to Technology and Science (commonly called MATHS). The participants included teachers and blind, partially sighted, and sighted students from a range of special, integrated, and mainstream Irish and Belgian schools.


Teacher Educators and the Future of Personnel Preparation Programs for Serving Students with Visual Impairments--print edition page(s) 115-124

R.K. Silberman, A.L. Corn, V.M. Sowell

Abstract: This article reports the results of a survey of undergraduate and graduate personnel preparation programs for teachers, orientation and mobility instructors, and rehabilitation teachers of persons with visual impairments and of doctoral programs that prepare individuals for leadership positions.

The Effectiveness of Two Strategies for Teaching Students with Blindness and Mental Retardation--print edition page(s) 125-133

G.M. Lane

Abstract: To investigate the crossmodal transfer effects of verbal information to the performance of manual tasks, this study compared the effectiveness of two strategies--manual guidance only and manual guidance plus verbal prompts--with students whose multiple disabilities included total blindness and severe mental retardation. Within the framework of an alternating treatments design, the two strategies were differentially applied to two tasks. The results suggest that prompting methods that require shifting verbal information to the performance of a manual task may interfere with the learning of students with such multiple disabilities.


The Relationship of Personality Traits to the Employment Status of Persons Who Are Blind--print edition page(s) 134-144

S.D. Hagemoser

Abstract: Two levels of education (high school or less and training beyond high school) and nine content scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) were used to predict employment-related outcomes among a sample of 109 blind adults. It was found that education, anger, cynicism, obsessiveness, and family problems were significant predictors of employability. Furthermore, 80 percent of the employed subjects and 71.4 percent of the unemployed subjects were classified by low self-esteem, education, and cynicism and the underemployed had higher mean scores than the nonunderemployed on cynicism and Type A behavior.

Orientation and Mobility

Preschool Orientation and Mobility: A Review of the Literature--print edition page(s) 145-153

S. Leong

Abstract: The past decade has witnessed the extension of orientation and mobility services to visually impaired children, aged birth to 6 years. These services have expanded rapidly despite the lack of a well-documented and thorough research base. This article presents a review of the literature on this topic, including its history and body of knowledge and research and suggests avenues for further research.


Editor's Page--print edition page(s) 99-102

Point/Counterpoint--print edition page(s) 102-104

Book Review--print edition page(s) 154-156

Letters--print edition page(s) 157-161

Research Note--print edition page(s) 162-166

Demographics Update--print edition page(s) 166-168

Classified--print edition page(s) 168-168



Management Update

How Successful Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Place Clients in Jobs: Results of a Focus Group--print edition page(s) 1-6

C.E. Young

Around the World--print edition page(s) 7-9

Book Review

Taking Hold: My Journey into Blindness--print edition page(s) 10-11

D. Kent

Random Access--print edition page(s) 12-12

Product Evaluation

A Review of the Two Leading Braille Translation Software Packages--print edition page(s) 13-16

J.D. Leventhal, J.C. Perez

Correction--print edition page(s) 16-17

Calendar--print edition page(s) 18-21

News--print edition page(s) 22-32









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