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Older Adults' Perspectives on Their Successful Adjustment to Vision Loss--print edition page(s) 69-81

Julia J. Kleinschmidt

Abstract: This article describes a qualitative study that explored 12 older adults' successful adjustment to vision loss. These older adults identified factors related to their successful adjustment and offered advice to others who are facing the challenges of visual impairment.

Motor Development

The Development of Rocking Among Children Who Are Blind--print edition page(s) 82-95

Elaine McHugh and Jean Pyfer

Abstract: This qualitative study of rocking in four children who are blind, aged 10-13, used in-depth interviews, observations, psychomotor assessments, and reviews of school and other records. The findings revealed similarities in the children's early medical histories, delays in motor development, constraints on vigorous movement, and limited peer relationships.

Low Vision

The Effectiveness of Two Programs to Develop Visual Perception in Spanish Schoolchildren with Low Vision--print edition page(s) 96-103

Maria D. LopĆ³z-Justicia and Francisco J. Martos

Abstract: This study compared improvements in the visual function of a group of 20 Spanish children with low vision, aged 4 to 6 years. The children were divided into four groups: Barraga and Morris program, Frostig program, placebo control, and untreated control. Since all the children showed significant improvements, regardless of the treatment or control procedure used, the authors concluded that the treatment programs were not effective, at least with the children they studied. The increases in visual efficiency and acuity probably reflected the normal effects of maturation, schooling, or both, in these children.

Practice Note

Emergent Braille Literacy with Move, Touch, Read--print edition page(s) 104-107

Wendy Drezek


Editor's Page--print edition page(s) 67-67

Product Evaluation

A Review of Supernova Screen Magnification Program for Windows--print edition page(s) 108-110

Joseph C. Su, Mark M. Uslan, and Bradley K. Schnell

Employment Update

Responding to a Common Concern About Hiring People with Visual Impairments: Access to Print Information--print edition page(s) 110-113

Karen Wolffe

Book Review

Social and Cultural Perspectives on Blindness: Barriers to Community Integration--print edition page(s) 113-114

Richard K. Scotch

From the Field--print edition page(s) 114-118

Calendar--print edition page(s) 119-124

News--print edition page(s) 124-126





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