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The Effect of Extended Acoustic Training on Spatial Updating in Adults Who Are Congenitally Blind--print edition page(s) 405-415

Randolph D. Easton and Billie Louise Bentzen

Abstract: This study investigated whether extended training in an acoustically rich environment could enhance the spatial updating ability of 12 adults who were congenitally blind. After training, the adults' distance perception from a home-base location and novel locations was superior to that of a sighted control group, whereas their direction perception was comparable.

The Effect of Orientation on Braille Recognition in Persons Who Are Sighted and Blind--print edition page(s) 416-419

Morton A. Heller, Jeffrey A. Calcaterra, Shavonda Green, and Francisco José de Lima

Lexical Relationships in Children Who Are Blind--print edition page(s) 419-421

Loekie Elbers and Anita van Loon-Vervoorn

Haptic Discrimination of Two-Dimensional Raised-Line Shapes by Blind and Sighted Adults--print edition page(s) 421-426

Sandrine Russier

Can a Haptic Display Rendering of Virtual Three-Dimensional Objects Be Useful for People with Visual Impairments?--print edition page(s) 426-429

Gunnar Jansson

Tactile Diagrams for the Able Undergraduate Chemistry Student--print edition page(s) 429-433

Ron Hinton and Dorothy Hinton

Low Vision

Adaptation Strategies, Well-Being, and Activities of Daily Living Among People with Low Vision--print edition page(s) 434-446

Gunnel Lindö and Lena Nordholm

Abstract: This study compared the positive and negative adaptation strategies used by people with low vision (25 working-age and 23 elderly people) who had participated in a rehabilitation program with two comparison groups: 335 persons with neurological disabilities and an age- and sex-matched population of 112 nondisabled persons. It also investigated relationships among adaptation strategies, psychological well-being, and self-assessed difficulties with activities of daily living.

Practice Note

Developing Criteria and Judgment of Safety for Crossing Streets with Gaps in Traffic--print edition page(s) 447-450

Dona Sauerburger

Professional Report

The Development of Low Vision Therapist Certification--print edition page(s) 451-456

Gale R. Watson, R. Dee Quillman, Marshall Flax, and Bryan Gerritsen


Editor's Page--print edition page(s) 403-403

Guest Editorial--print edition page(s) 404-404

Product Evaluation

A Review of Pulse Data's Smartview Series Color Video Magnifiers--print edition page(s) 457-459

Mark M. Uslan

Employment Update

Turning Negatives into Positives at Job Interviews for People Who Are Visually Impaired--print edition page(s) 459-461

Charles E. Young

Information Update

Position Statement on Health Insurance Reimbursement for Vision Rehabilitation Services--print edition page(s) 461-463

National Vision Rehabilitation Cooperative

From the Field--print edition page(s) 463-467

News--print edition page(s) 467-470

Calendar--print edition page(s) 470-479





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