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How Children Who Are Blind Experience Numbers--print edition page(s) 549-560

Ann Ahlberg and Emmy Csocsán

Abstract: This article presents a qualitative study of the ways in which 25 Hungarian children aged 5-9 who were blind dealt with different types of elementary mathematical problems. The study found that the children dealt with numbers in five ways and experienced numbers in four ways. Furthermore, although the children went through the same stages of development as do sighted children, their ways of dealing with numbers had some specific characteristics.

Orientation and Mobility

"The O&M in My Life": Perceptions of People Who Are Blind and Their Parentsprint edition page(s) 561-578

Nancy Higgins

Abstract: This study explored the effects of orientation and mobility (O&M) training and O&M instructors on the lives of 15 participants in New Zealand. The participants thought that O&M was essential and a professional domain and that their instructors were both effective and ineffective. They also thought that the white cane and dependence are stigmatizing and that restrictions on movement and the lack of O&M instruction are disabling.

Research Notes

Interactive Auditory and Visual Images in Persons Who Are Totally Blind--print edition page(s) 579-583

Carla Tinti, Dario Galati, Maria Grazia Vecchio, Rossana De Beni, and Cesare Cornoldi

Haptic Perception of Geometric Illusions by Persons Who Are Totally Congenitally Blind--print edition page(s) 583-588

Marta Casla, Florentino Blanco, and David Travieso

Comprehension Processes in Braille Reading--print edition page(s) 589-595

Manuel Carreiras and Carlos J.Álvarez


Editor's Page--print edition page(s) 547-547

Product Evaluation

A Review of Telesensory's Aladdin Genie Pro Color Video Magnifier--print edition page(s) 596-598

Chen-Yung Hsu and Mark M. Uslan

Book Review

Essentials of Low Vision Practice--print edition page(s) 598-600

Reviewed by Gale Watson

USABLE Data Report

Estimates of the Number of Visually Impaired Students, Their Teachers, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists: Part 1--print edition page(s) 600-606

Corinne Kirchner and Sara Diament

From the Field--print edition page(s) 606-611

News--print edition page(s) 611-614

Calendar--print edition page(s) 614-622

Classified--print edition page(s) 622-622





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