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The Impact of Developmental Factors on Stereotypic Rocking of Children with Visual Impairments—Elaine McHugh and Lauren Lieberman, print edition page(s) 453


The Hidden Demand for Participation in Activity and Travel by Persons Who Are Visually Impaired—James R. Marston and Reginald G. Golledge, print edition page(s) 475

Research Reports

Family and Friends: A Key Aspect of Older Adults' Adaptation to Low Vision?—Linda A. Travis, Jeffrey M. Lyness, Gwen K. Sterns, Marilyn Kuchmek, Cleveland G. Shields, Deborah A. King, Samantha Sterns, and Lorraine Northrup, print edition page(s) 489

Evaluating Optic Microswitches with Students with Profound Multiple Disabilities—Giulio E. Lancioni, Nirbhay N. Singh, Mark F. O'Reilly,and Doretta Oliva, print edition page(s) 492

Practice Report

Job Journals—Cathryn S. Krebs, print edition page(s) 496


Editor's Page, print edition page(s) 451

Comment, print edition page(s) 501

From the Field, print edition page(s) 503

News, print edition page(s) 506

Calendar, print edition page(s) 508


Art Beyond Sight: A Resource Guide to Art, Creativity, and Visual Impairment

Elisabeth Salzhauer Axel and Nina Sobol Levent, Editors

Complete With 180 Pictures and Tactile Pages!

Art Education for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind have joined together to co-publish this one-of-a-kind resource that provides vital information on all aspects of exploring art and creativity by people who are blind or visually impaired. Developed by Art Education for the Blind, this beautiful and engaging manual is the result of an international collaboration among researchers, art educators, teachers of visually impaired students, psychologists, museum professionals, and blind and sighted art enthusiasts.

Now Available

500 pp; $69.95 each

Paperback: 0-89128-850-3

ASCII Disk: 0-89128-858-9

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Call 800-232-3044 or 412-741-1398.

AFB Press


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Exciting News from AccessWorld

Beginning in January 2004, AccessWorld: Technology and People with Visual Impairments, will be re-launched as a FREE, web-based magazine. While AccessWorld has always been available online, the new web-based version will offer multiple options for reading and sharing content, including a braille embosser-ready file, a printer-friendly version, and an "email this article to a friend" option. You'll also enjoy:

  • More timely access to cutting edge product evaluations
  • Sophisticated search capabilities
  • Free access to all back issues of AccessWorld

Tell your students and colleagues--help them stay informed about the latest news in technology and visual impairment!

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Reach and Match: Keeping in Touch.  Empowers children with all abilities and promotes inclusion.

Low Vision Simulators Plus VSRT (Pepper) Test LUV Reading Workbook

New! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second Edition

Foundations of Education, Third Edition

College Bound: A Guide for Students with Visual Impairments, 2nd Edition