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Clinical Application of a Self-Report, Functional Independence Outcomes Measure in the DVA's Blind Rehabilitation Service—William De l'Aune, Michael Williams, Gale R. Watson, Penny Schuckers, and Gale Ventimiglia, print edition page(s) 197

Abstract: This article reports on a self-report measure of functional independence that is being used to measure outcomes of blind rehabilitation programs in the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Analyses of the data have resulted in the clinical protocol that is currently in use nationally by the DVA Blind Rehabilitation Service.


Meeting the Challenge: Innovation in One State Rehabilitation System's Approach to Transition—Tammy Jorgensen-Smith and Sandra Lewis, print edition page(s) 212

Abstract: This article describes a pilot program that used local rehabilitation facilities to address the career-education needs of visually impaired students aged 14-21 in three Florida communities. The extensive planning, data collection, and evaluation process will allow this project to be improved and expanded throughout the state.


Ergonomic Enhancement for Older Readers with Low Vision —Gale R. Watson, Vincent Ramsey, William De l'Aune, and Arona Elk, print edition page(s) 228

Abstract: This study found that the provision of ergonomic workstations for 12 older persons with age-related macular degeneration who used low vision devices significantly increased the participants' reading speed and decreased their discomfort when reading.

Research Report

Isolating the Auditory Attentional Blink Among Sighted and Blind Persons—Kim M. Goddard, Matthew I. Isaak, Elzbieta B. Slawinski, and Lenora N. Brown, print edition page(s) 241


Editor's Page print edition page(s) 195

From the Field print edition page(s) 247

News print edition page(s) 249

Calendar print edition page(s) 249



Special JVIB Theme Issue on Orientation and Mobility

Guest editors: Kathleen M. Huebner, Ph.D., associate dean, Graduate Studies in Vision Impairment, Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

William Wiener, Ph.D., dean, The Graduate College, Western Michigan University.

Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2005

Projected publication date: October 2005

The Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness (JVIB) invites submissions for a special theme issue on orientation and mobility (O&M). Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Crossing at roundabouts
  • GPS systems and travelers with visual impairments
  • Quiet cars and street crossings
  • Application of distance education to O&M preparation
  • Traditional O&M programs and the discovery learning approach
  • Strategies for increasing O&M personnel
  • Accessible pedestrian signals
  • Use of warning tiles, tactile surfaces, and other environmental modifications
  • Design of intersections
  • Working with students who have multiple disabilities
  • Eligibility for paratransit services
  • Medicare's relationship to O&M
  • The practice of blindfolding people with low vision during O&M instruction
  • Uses of individual and group lessons
  • Comparison of the two certification approaches

The guest editors welcome your inquiries and ideas for this issue. Contact the editors by e-mail: Kathleen M. Huebner, ; William Wiener, <>.

Guidelines for contributors are generally printed in each issue of JVIB, and are also available from AFB Press, American Foundation for the Blind: web site: <>; phone: 212-502-7651; fax: 212-502-7774; e-mail: <>.

Manuscripts should be sent for peer review to:

Dr. Alan J. Koenig

Editor in Chief, JVIB

College of Education

Texas Tech University

Box 41071

Lubbock, TX 79409

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Braille Literacy: A Functional Approach

Diane P. Wormsley

Innovative options for teaching braille to those who have trouble learning through traditional methods.


Functional Vision: A Practitioner's Guide to Evaluation and Intervention

Amanda Hall Lueck

It will quickly become one of your most valued professional manuals.


When You Have a Visually Impaired Student with Multiple Disabilities

Jane Erin

If you work with children with special needs, this is the resource to own.


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