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Special Issue on Low Vision



The History and Future of Low Vision Services in the United States—Lylas Mogk and Gregory Goodrich, print edition page(s) 585


Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Comparison of Traditional and Extended Teaching Programs—Judith M. Scanlan and Joan E. Cuddeford, print edition page(s) 601


Policy to Practice: Teachers' and Administrators' Views on Curricular Access by Students with Low Vision—Audrey J. Smith, Duane Geruschat, and Kathleen M. Huebner, print edition page(s) 612


The Experience of Age-related Macular Degeneration—Elaine Y. H. Wong, Robyn H. Guymer, Jennifer B. Hassell, and Jill E. Keeffe, print edition page(s) 629


Low Vision Driving with Bioptics: An Overview—Chuck Huss and Anne Corn, print edition page(s) 641

Equal Protection, the ADA, and Driving with Low Vision: A Legal Analysis—Mary R. Marta and Duane Geruschat, print edition page(s) 654


Guest Editorial, print edition page(s) 579

Speaker's Corner

A Half Century Later: Where Are We? Where Do We Need to Go?—Natalie C. Barraga, print edition page(s) 581


Research Opportunities in Low Vision and Blindness Rehabilitation—Michael D. Oberdorfer, print edition page(s) 583

From the Field, print edition page(s) 668

News, print edition page(s) 669

Calendar, print edition page(s) 669

Classified, print edition page(s) 672

JVIB thanks Anne Corn, Ed.D., professor of special education and physiological optics, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, and member of the JVIB Editorial Advisory Board, and Duane Geruschat, Ph.D., director of research, Maryland School for the Blind, and acting editor in chief and associate editor for JVIB, for their scholarship and commitment as guest editors for this special issue on low vision.


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