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Overcoming Barriers to Employment: Strategies of Rehabilitation Providers—Adele Crudden, William Sansing, and Stacy Butler, print edition page(s) 325

Abstract: Focus groups of rehabilitation providers identified barriers to the employment of persons who are visually impaired and strategies to overcome them. The barriers included negative attitudes of employers and of persons with visual impairments, inadequate transportation, the lack of access to print, and administrative issues. Strategies for overcoming each barrier are discussed.

The Ticket to Work Program: Employment Networks' Views on Serving Beneficiaries Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired—Michele E. Capella-McDonnall, print edition page(s) 336

Abstract: This article reports on a survey of the opinions of employment networks (ENs) about serving social security beneficiaries who are blind or visually impaired under the Ticket to Work program. Although most of the 267 ENs who participated in the survey expressed concerns about working with those who are blind or visually impaired, they did not seem to be biased against working with this population based solely on their disability type.


Multiculturalism and Students with Visual Impairments in New South Wales, Australia—Desiree P. M. Gallimore, print edition page(s) 345

Abstract: This study found that a large number of students with visual impairments in public and private schools in New South Wales come from culturally diverse backgrounds, that teacher training does not incorporate multicultural perspectives, and that instructors and itinerant vision teachers lack knowledge and skills to teach from a multicultural perspective. Recommendations are provided to guide the inclusion of multicultural perspectives in teacher preparation programs and teachers' practices.

Early Intervention

Applying Infant Massage Practices: A Qualitative Study—Grace Lappin and Robert E. Kretschmer, print edition page(s) 355

Abstract: This study explored the dynamic interaction between a mother and her 11-month-old visually impaired infant before and after the mother was taught infant massage. After the mother learned infant massage, she had more appropriate physical contact with her infant, engaged with him within his field of vision, directly vocalized to him, and had a greater ability to read his cues; the infant's interactions were reciprocal and reflected more-secure attachment, and the infant demonstrated beginning awareness of self and space.

Practice Report

The Winding Valley of Grief: When a Dog Guide Retires or Dies—Katherine Standish Schneider, print edition page(s) 368


Editor's Page, print edition page(s) 323

From the Field, print edition page(s) 371

News, print edition page(s) 375

Calendar, print edition page(s) 376


AFB Directory of Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons in the United States and Canada 27th Edition

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Now in its 27th edition, the AFB Directory of Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons continues to be the most convenient, comprehensive, and reliable source of information on blindness and visual impairment available.

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* State-by-state and province-by-province listings of organizations

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* Updated web site and e-mail addresses

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