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  Anne Sullivan Macy: Miracle Worker

Portrait of Anne Sullivan Macy: Miracle Worker

Anne Sullivan Macy



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Introduction: The Miracle Worker

Anne's Formative Years (1866-1886)
  Irish ImmigrantsIrish Immigrants
  Entering Tewksbury AlmshouseEntering Tewksbury Almshouse
  Tewksbury AlmshouseTewksbury Almshouse
  The Death of Her Brother JimmieThe Death of Her Brother Jimmie
  A Brief Exit from TewksburyA Brief Exit from Tewksbury
  Perkins School for the BlindPerkins School for the Blind
  Anne's EducationAnne's Education
  The Manual AlphabetThe Manual Alphabet

Anne as Teacher (1886-1904)
  Governess Wanted in AlabamaGoverness Wanted in Alabama
  Teaching HelenTeaching Helen
  The Power of WordsThe Power of Words
  Anne's Letters to Sophia HopkinsAnne's Letters to Sophia Hopkins
  Early FameEarly Fame
  Teaching Helen Keller How to SpeakTeaching Helen Keller How to Speak
  Anne's Educational PhilosophyAnne's Educational Philosophy
  Alexander Graham BellAlexander Graham Bell
  Lines of CommunicationLines of Communication
  Radcliffe CollegeRadcliffe College
  You Must Train TeachersYou Must Train Teachers

The House in Wrentham, Massachusetts (1904-1917)
  The Move to WrenthamThe Move to Wrentham
  Two Love LettersTwo Love Letters
  Three LivesThree Lives
  John and Anne MarryJohn and Anne Marry
  John Albert Macy: Editor, Writer and Literary CriticJohn Albert Macy: Editor, Writer and Literary Critic
  Financial ProblemsFinancial Problems
  In Praise of AnneIn Praise of Anne
  Travel to Puerto RicoTravel to Puerto Rico
  Countryside, Puerto RicoCountryside, Puerto Rico

Trouble at Home and Abroad (1917-1930)
  War BlindWar Blind
  Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin
  A Comic DuoA Comic Duo
  American Foundation for the BlindAmerican Foundation for the Blind
  The Three MusketeersThe Three Musketeers
  Anne's Vision DeterioratesAnne's Vision Deteriorates
  Convalescing AbroadConvalescing Abroad

Anne's Final Years (1930-1936) and Her Legacy
  Academic RecognitionAcademic Recognition
  Education in the Light of Present-Day Knowledge and NeedEducation in the Light of Present-Day Knowledge and Need
  Friends in High PlacesFriends in High Places
  A Woman of Many TalentsA Woman of Many Talents
  Death of Anne Sullivan MacyDeath of Anne Sullivan Macy
  Foolish Remarks of a Foolish WomanFoolish Remarks of a Foolish Woman
  National Women's Hall of FameNational Women's Hall of Fame

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