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Diabetes and Visual Impairment: New Talking Blood Glucose Monitors Enter the Market

Even though more than 3 million of the 20 million Americans with diabetes have some degree of vision loss, there are significant barriers to their independent use of blood glucose monitors. The Prodigy and the Advocate, two new talking products, make it easier for people to test their blood glucose levels independently.—Darren Burton

An Accessible Phone Comes Calling: A Review of the Jitterbug Cell Phone

We evaluate a phone designed for baby boomers that offers a good alternative for people with low vision.—Lee Huffman

Are We Ready for Vista?

Microsoft has finally released Vista, the long-awaited update to its Windows operating system. We contacted assistive technology manufacturers to learn when they will offer upgrades of their products that work with Vista. Here are their answers.—Jay Leventhal

Accessibility and Distance Learning: An Overview

We present solutions to potential problems in distance education.—Debbie Cook and Mark Harniss

Class Is in Session: A Review of the Telex Professor Desktop Audio System

A review of a versatile audio device that is especially useful for students.—Deborah Kendrick

ATIA 2007

This conference offered interesting exhibits, informative sessions and the first ATIA Leadership Forum on Accessibility—Jay Leventhal

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