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Helen Keller: Our Planet Earth

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Helen Keller among cornstalks, circa 1910

As society's focus on the environment has increased it is interesting to note that Helen Keller had a deep respect for the natural world and an innate understanding of the need for a healthy planet. She wrote the following (excerpted here) to Karl Menninger in 1959. Menninger was a leading American psychiatrist and founder of The Menninger Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Dear Dr. Menninger,

It was indeed a delight for me to receive the article, "Conserving and Using Our Open Spaces", for which I thank you warmly. It is thought-provoking and most stimulating. Not only do I love the open spaces for their beauty and tranquility, I also appreciate their necessity in the preservation of mankind. In fact I cannot help feeling that a wise, conservative use of earth’s remaining resources is essential if man is to benefit by world-wide peace and harmony between the peoples. Earnestly I pray that the United States may follow Canada’s life-renewing example in finding techniques to preserve or create systems of preventing our machine age from wiping out all trace of the wilderness…"

Image: Helen Keller among cornstalks in Wrentham, Massachusetts, circa 1910

Helen Keller
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Re: Helen Keller: Our Planet Earth

Helen Keller was an inspiration to me as a preschool child, and still continues to be now, at 86 yrs. thank you for posting her quotes, to say the least, they still stir very deep emotions, even though I've never had vision impairment.

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