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Thank You to Everyone Who Attended the 2016 AFB Leadership Conference

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Thank you to the 400 wonderful attendees of the 2016 AFB Leadership Conference, who made the conference a fabulous place to network and meet other dedicated professionals from around the United States and abroad!

We wouldn't be able to pull off this conference without the longstanding support of our sponsors, including presenting sponsors JPMorgan Chase & Co, and the Consumer Technology Association™ (CTA) and CTA Foundation, and our partners:

  • Vision Serve Alliance, Conference Ally
  • Maryland School for the Blind
  • Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired
  • National Industries for the Blind
  • Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind

We would also like to thank our exhibitors, and our many Delta Gamma and NIB volunteers. The Delta Gamma Foundation has been a sponsor of every Leadership Conference since 1986.

Delta Gamma volunteers at the 2016 AFB Leadership Conference

The hard-working Delta Gamma volunteers

If you missed the conference, be sure to check out the blog updates and accessible video interviews:

Be sure to save the date for the next AFBLC: March 2-4, 2017! We'll be back in Washington, DC, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott for a second year.

And a special thank you to the many attendees who spoke with us about why they were attending the AFB Leadership Conference, and what they were getting out of it. Here's one last interview for the road. See you next year!


I’m John McAllister, I’m with the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, assistant professor and program coordinator for the orientation and mobility program.

And this is Kevin McCormack, I’m a PhD student at U Mass Boston. [Asks Professor McAllister:] What are you getting out of this?

McAllister: I have got to meet a lot of exciting people, a lot of good people in the field of orientation and mobility. I’ve got to go to a lot of exciting breakout sessions, especially the one I just did, which was on the impact of orientation and mobility on older adults by Nora Griffin-Shirley and Laura Bozeman.

McCormack: Very good. And let’s see, of course, I mean, the best part is the people that I get to meet, and see again, who I haven’t seen in a while.

Sessions...Yesterday, I was part of a CVI one, and it was an all-day session, but that wasn’t enough. And I think there was another one today, and I think that’s just showing you how much people care about that important issue, and how much information is out there. And of course, this one that I was also in with John, this one with working with older adults, and the best part is that you get to stand up and get to be a part of the lessons and it was an interactive one.

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