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Sprint Is Committed to the Blind and Visually Impaired Community

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“We want to be the best wireless provider for those with visual impairments; We want blind and visually impaired consumers, and we want to support them at every level,” stated definitely by Kelly Egan, Sprint’s customer relations manager for the blind and low vision community.

I recently spoke with Ms. Egan, who enthusiastically expressed Sprint’s commitment to building a relationship with the blind and low vision community.

And it’s not just talk.

Sprint hired a team of five contractors with visual impairments to work with Ms. Egan, who is also blind, as members of its growing accessibility team. The team includes individuals with a variety of disabilities who are committed to meeting the needs of consumers with disabilities with customized wireless plans, accessible wireless devices, and specialized customer care.

You may recognize these customized wireless services as Sprint IP Relay, Sprint CapTel, and SprintVision. These services meet the wireless service needs of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and deaf-blind.

We say thank you to Sprint for meeting our wireless needs, hiring individuals with vision loss throughout the company, and hiring individuals with vision loss for your accessibility team. We salute you!

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Re: Sprint Is Committed to the Blind and Visually Impaired Community

I have been visually impaired my entire life. I have a very unique story of my life.
I installed telecommunication systems for several different companies, including Sprint. I have traveled world wide doing this job. I've had other jobs including sells where I was successful. It was very stressful not telling anyone I was legally blind. But, I preformed my duties at a high level. It's a, what most people my say, unreal achievement but, I did it and now have not work for a while. It would take a long time to go over the jobs I have preformed over my adult life. I am now 58 yrs. old. I am considering getting back in the game as I refer to the business world.
I'm having a slow start doing so. I am weighing the stress factor against the working satisfaction factor.
I guess at this point in my life I am interested in the other individual who have had to face the world as I did.
I return to school in my early 50's and earned a BA in sociology. I would like to counsel others on coping and being positive about their life and future.

My name is James B.

Re: Sprint Is Committed to the Blind and Visually Impaired Community

Hi James,

I'm so glad you are reaching out. You may want to create a post on the CareerConnect message boards:

Also, you can write several CareerConnect mentors in the sociology/ psychology career field and seek counsel. Here's the link to the mentor search:

Keep us posted,

Shannon Carollo